You have 1 minutes and 59 seconds to win the spin game for a chance to receive the brand new iPhone 7!
Note: This is a limited offer, if your session ends or timer expires, you cannot take part anymore and the iPhone 7 will go to the next potential user.


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Rachel Williamson

Today I received my iPhone via mail, still cant believe it, thank youuuuuu!!!!

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Leah Perkins

At first I thought it was a joke, but my iphone7 even came in the mail this morning and there is nothing that can stop me from playing this again hahahah, which I ended up doing right now lol

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Alex Fabian

Baaaaaaaaam I got nothing, hahaha, was fun to play anyway.

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Noah Briggs

@Connor, I had the same issue, but I tried it again in the morning next day, seems like they recharge the "chances" every day.

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Connor Reid

Damn I hit the watch but there was no Chance left to claim :(

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